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Welcome to our forum-course infrastructure website — very much under construction, so please enjoy and perhaps be a little patient as changes and improvements are in process & progress!

Public forums are opening soon / open now; courses are being built and will be formally opened on a rolling basis pending completion and accreditation.  You can expect new additions practically on a daily and certainly a weekly basis, so please bookmark this page in your browser and return frequently for updates, discounts, and great information and community.  

Of course, professional-level communication is expected per common courtesy and standards of etiquette/netiquette, per the following examples

Agreement by use: Any use of this forum implies agreement with all of the following:

  1. Appropriate use: Professional discussions related to the wide fields of healthcare, medicine, nutrition, and functional medicine.
  2. Community monitoring and policing: We all share in the responsibility of keeping this forum professional, clean, useful, and enjoyable. Any inappropriate posts should be flagged and reported immediately within the forum and/or to ICHNFM@gmail.com where it will be received by our infrastructure. 
  3. Etiquette definitions/exampleshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etiquette_in_technology
  4. Etiquette ruleshttp://www.albion.com/netiquette/corerules.html
  5. Professionalism: Logical, polite, professional, articulate, properly communicated/spelled/structured sentences and other communication are expected. A standard of professionalism is confidentiality; so any posted questions or cases about clients/patients must have identifying information removed prior to posting. 
  6. Polite behavior: No insults, attacks, criticisms of person.
  7. Our “be nice or leave” policy: Any violations of the intent and use of the forum will be noted by administrative discretion as grounds for revocation of membership/access/enrollment immediately and likely/possibly without any applicable refund, or with refund minus all administrative and logistical costs. This is not the place for politics, comments, sales, marketing, or complaints that should be sent in private messages or not at all. 
  8. Signature: You may include up to 2-3 lines in your signature, and the first line must include only your name and degrees/credentials (graduate/doctorate only for those who have such); signatures that are overly bulky/offensive/promotional will be deleted and the user may be banned. 
  9. Name & user id: Each participant can have only one identification and log-in. “Usernames” cannot be changed and need to be based on your real first and last names. This is a professional forum, and we expect dialogues among professionals with real names and real credentials, not among cartoon names and first names only (ie, this is not a forum for kids), and not just with “Dr” without defining degrees (the degree tells us the title). 
  10. Confidentiality and group ownership: All conversations and postings in this forum are considered confidential and owned by the members/participants and ICHNFM and are not to be shared outside of these discussions and forums. Confidential information such as that which identifies patients should not be posted; any posted questions or cases about clients/patients must have identifying information removed prior to posting. 
  11. Liability: ICHNFM is not liable for inappropriate use of this forum; individuals may be liable/responsible for their actions and posts and should use common sense and good judgment.
  12. Updates: These rules for the forum will be periodically updated and posted on this page; users are responsible must remain in good standing with the posted rules and “common sense and good taste” rules of etiquette and proper and professional behavior in order to maintain access to using the forums.